Bells running

Brace yourselves, wedding season is coming.

Funny thing is, they don’t come for just a season containing 4 – 5 months. Wedding seasons, last for a total of up to 5 years. Sometimes can reach up to a decade. (Okay, exaggeration here).

So am I bitter cause I am not yet married?

No. (LIES)

Like seriously, no I am not bitter cause of that (LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE)


I am. A little bit, and not full blown bitter.

Weddings. Marriage. It is a beautiful thing, believe me. But have you ever heard that when your best friend gets married, you lose your best friend, and you just end up coping up with life on your own.

I had to do that for the past one year. It sucks. But hey, I don’t literally lose her, but you start to lose the essence of it, cause truthfully, both of you are leading two different lives. One is building a new family, and the other is coping with her own life. Who to blame. That is life.

Coping is hard, in the process, you have to restart your life to basic, coping with just your own. You tend to be grumpy, you tend to lose the very essence of how life is happy, you turn into a workaholic person, cause you are running away from things that makes you sad. It’s not cause you make yourself turn sad, but rather more like, you don’t know how it works anymore.

At times like this, running away seems the best.

But deep down you know, you have to stand up and face it one day.



I am at the brink of being disconnected with any social media in existence.

Sometimes it is good to not be too connected with it.

Sometimes someone’s happiness is another man’s sadness.

I don’t feel as happy as I used to. Either life made me bitter. Or I really should just  be away from everyone. Temporarily.

“There are even worse people in your shoe. Be happy. You are lucky”

Not the kind of thing I wanna hear now.
Might as well you don’t say a word.

“I have no idea how it feels to you. But I am here. I am here if you need me”

The kind of support I need at this very moment.

So I turn to my side, only to find, myself staring at nothing