Level with me here!

It is funny, when you see people who suffer more than you do.
When you see someone struggling to stand at this moment, after being emotionally hurt, abandoned halfway, for their one sided love.
Leaved behind, for their one sided beat of heart.
Shattered hopes of being together in a fantasy land. Once upon a time that can never exists.

It is funny.
To witness all of this.
It really is “funny”


When you are the one, who suffered more.
Struggled longer than they do.
Emotionally ripped apart.
And you have been there since the longest you can remember, by right, you suffer, hurt, ripped apart more than anyone should be.
Yet, here you are, witnessing how others “coping” to stand, after beaten down.

I am no wonder woman.
Let me tell you that.
cause the shits that I have been through, sucks more than you do.
But by all means, I did not put man as my leap of faith.
But God will always be, my protector, my hero.
My leap of faith is to The One and Only Protector.
For every thing that happens, happens for a reason.

So if you “suffer” more. Think twice. I am torn apart more than you do.
So calm your ‘tits’



It is hard to tell your heart to be calm when it feels like a tsunami of waves hitting.

My weakness. My downfall.

My heart needs to breathe properly