Hide hide little girl

feel that heart,

the unsettled beat,

the beat that calls out to you,

the beat that hurts the inner soul,

the beat that made one fall,

to the ground,

deep down,

to the ground.

Feel that tears,

from the unsettled beat,

from the inner fight,

from the inner thoughts.

see that small little girl,

that small girl,

the girl that carries a box,

picking pieces

that shatters,

that crumbles,

she reveals,

the pieces was once a heart,

the box is where she kept it,

the tears shows her struggles.

see that girl,

the girl that looks like you

now runs to safety

now run to find shelter.

and hides till the pieces comes together.

Hide hide little girl,

run away little girl,

it will be alright.

It will be all right.


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