Life and 4 months

I “accidentally” went on a hiatus for like..4 months.

Well..not really accidentally. It is mainly due to various factors that came in

  • The place where I pour my inspiration now is on my work laptop (considering that my own laptop is now in the possession of my brother). So if I were to use that, I have the tendency to do work instead of lingering around on the web and stuff… #sensetheworkaholicme
  • My mood is easily disturbed by so many factors. Which lead me to just feel uninspired to blog anything. Bummer.
  • Apparently I got really “busy” with work, till the point that I don’t know which part of my work actually made me “busy”
  • I tend to think while I walk of 1001 things to say and write. Only ending up not typing or expressing out any, as I was mentally writing it all. And due to my Dory like memory, I tend to forget everything.

I can come up with so many excuses but welp so far these are the ones that popped out.

The past four months have been about family, weddings, work, relationship and friendship. Felt quite long though in this span of time. Two of my cousins are wed off within the span of 2 months apart. Which led to number of family meetings and meetup.

  • Le Beau has now been upgraded into a whole new level of family gatherings (meaning he was present in both of the weddings) #heartflutterstoawholenewlevel
  • Work has been….work. I zoned out a lot.
  • Have I mentioned that my two superiors in my department will be on leave for 2 weeks which means I will be in the same level as Kevin Mccalister? Minus the booby traps and The Sticky Bandits. #sepinadyingslowly
  • But I’m super happy for them as one is getting married #overlyexcitedemployee and one is organising her daughter’s dance show.

Well….I thought I had more to talk about but NOPE. That’s it at the moment. This week is gonna be a countdown session for me. Beau is two seas apart from me (East and South China Sea apart) for one week #overlyattached. It’s okay not that long anyways.

So bila nak kahwin Sepina?

As I answer this, let me create a donation form where you can contribute more towards my wedding.


P/s: Tomorrow is Monday. I’m on the verge of dying. Thanks Monday Blues.


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