Departure gates are so depressing šŸ˜©

Sent off this man of mine to Japan on his work trip. It is not as bad as last time, since his trip is just for a week. But believe this, both of us can’t deal w long distance. Yeap. Both of us. Seriously. Both of us. 

But we can do this. There’s Skype and have I mentioned that Tokyo’s internet is super laju? Yeah cause Skyping him last time, the connection was super sweet.

5 days. We can do this. 

Just like, working and you anticipate Fridays like usual. It’s gonna be quick just like that. 

We will be fine. 

We are like just Two China Seas apart. 6 hours 50 mins apart. 

Friday will come soon. 

Oh lord. Who am I kidding. 

*weeps loudly* šŸ˜©šŸ˜­šŸ˜«

P/s: One more trip. Then the next will be ours. ā¤ļø 


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