Keep him safe

This morning I woke up to the news of Japan was hit by a 7.3 skala ritcher earthquake. Fukushima was on high alert for a tsunami warning. 

That momen, my heart dropped. He is there. Although it was at Fukushima. Tokyo was hit with the same scale of earthquake. I missed him by a few seconds before he departs to work. Which meant no wifi. 

I broke down into tears. 

Not knowing what to expect. 

Not knowing what to do. 

How to respond and how to keep calm. 

I text messaged him. Sent him a one tick whatsapp. With hopes he will respond. I broke down what felt like every minute praying he is safe. 

At that moment, I don’t want to have just his photos.

At that moment, I don’t want last night to be the conversation I remember.

At that moment, I cried harder, cause I want him home close to home. I want his smile physically visible in front of me. 

Some would say I overreacted. But it was real. Real in a sense you put your faith in God and hoping he is alright and knowing that you have but Him to help. All this while, I kept on seeing #prayfor and wouldn’t understand how or what is the urgency or feeling behind those.

And there I was having my other half in the stated situation. My friend had to calm me down throughout the ordeal. 

Don’t worry. Alhamdullilah he is fine. He felt the shake which was quite strong. But he is okay. Please keep on praying not just for my Beau. But for Japan and New Zealand, for them who have their loved ones and never want to end their story. 

Friday. I want my Beau home. 


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