New Step ey 2017?

As I stare this white space, now filled with several words. I feel frustrated as I am trying to recall what I believe a 4 pager thoughts I had in mind this morning. Unfortunately, vibe to actually express it down, is not present at the moment.

2017 is coming. I don’t know what to expect or anticipate.

There will be several events coming up and well, out of that I’m really REALLY anticipating my TWO WEEKS of leave. Thing is, that’s not suppose to be my main aim or source of anticipation.

2016 was filled w nightmares that I refuse to go back and repeat itself. But it has good share of learning and development. I certainly see myself grew a lot better and learned more particularly in work aspects. Thing is, it’s sucky to know you have to make certain steps that involves a lot of changes. But rather than being in a place where you grow and breed hatred and negativity, it is best to walk away before the hate is planted deep in the core values of yourself. Because once it is planted solid deep inside of you, it is hard to remove it.

Man. Such deep thoughts at the end of the year. Well. This is to hoping a blessed new year and a good journey.

Pray for a good and blessed journey ahead of us all. Happy Pre-Early New Year, 2017!


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