Six Months Later…

So basically, me being me. I was on hiatus again.

I mean January was my last post. Then February and March was just dealing with the wedding preparation (back to back) and I finally started to calm down by mid April. (YEAP took me that long to just calm my tits down)

Yes. You read it right. I just got married, exactly 3 months ago. Time passed by so quickly! It was fun and definitely exciting to just prep for the wedding, the roller coaster ride, is literally, roller coaster ride. I didn’t turn into a bridezilla (Praise to the Lord), however I did turn into a bridezombie during my reception. But it is due to me being super tired, cause the solemnization was held in the same day, but earlier in the morning.

I have a VERY VERY long list of thank you I would like to call out, but if I start, it will be endless.

But to those who have helped, been there, and just even hugging me when all was rough, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can never be enough, to thank all of you.

From those who took over when I couldn’t think or feel anymore, to the ones that ran from Level 6 of the hotel to the ballroom with heels, and to the awesome makeup gal and photographers who rushed to make sure everything is on point.

Thank you thank you. 

To my extended family, the fam bams that took leave a day before to be with us. Thank you friends, you are always in our prayers. Each and everyone of you, have been through the journey with us, be it sadness or happy moments. Thank you for being part of this wonderful memory.

To my family for ever being so supportive and wanting the best out of everything. *hold back tears*.  And to my new family, I promise not to go crazy when you guys are around. :p

Shiznit. I’m not good with this. But all and all. I am starting a new life, with my best friend, high school crush, and now my husband. May Allah bless this new journey to be a wonderful ride. Insya Allah


Oh and Ramadhan Kareem everyone. Let this be a blessed journey throughout.